As a startup founder, you are in the midst of somewhat chaotic conditions both on the outside and on the inside. The realization of a dream seems far fetched at the very moment as the situation demands you to be fully focused on areas you need to work on like building a team, creating a culture, and innovation.

However, some embrace this chaos with a small team and limited resources there are some who would crack under pressure. For both types of founders and entrepreneurs, it would really be helpful if there was someone who would help them clear the clutter a little, fully take care of something that would help them more in the early stages of their startup in terms of growth and sustainability.

Regarding the accounting side of the business, startups need professionals to take over immediately who can transform the startup where tedious admin tasks can be streamlined and give you free time to focus on other areas. Xero for startups can help you manage and understand your financials anytime anywhere with the help of the performance dashboard. This can help you make informed decisions as to the founder of the startup.

Made for non-accountants

The best part about Xero is that along with getting things done by a professional Xero accountant or a bookkeeper, the cloud-based accounting software is designed specifically for non-accountants. Xero has taken a user-centric approach when designing this software and this can be evident through the fact that Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable simply as “Invoices owed to you” and “Bills you need to pay.”

When you log in to Xero, the dashboard is what you come across straight away and there are links that prompt the user to generate invoices and categorize expenses. This user-friendly interface helps accountants and bookkeepers alike to help their clients understand accounting and more, so they can skip the jargon and difficult to understand terminologies to simply breakdown where their business stands.

This makes the accountancy firm the startups’ business advisors as well and with accounts handled accurately and streamlined and based on this account management, reports can be shared that can help founders and managers make decisions for the future.

In Summary

The dashboard can help you understand your financials with an up to date view of your cash flow and it’s even easier to keep your finger on the pulse as a startup founder should. You can easily stay connected with your mobile app on the go and anywhere you want. Pull out important data in a meeting and help your team understand why you need to make changes based on the accounting data you have. With Xero, you can make payments faster with your online debit or credit card.