There is something common among every small business owner, which is, they all love money. It is only fair that we also mention the least liked task or thing by small business owners along with what they love, which is invoicing. When you are a business owner, be it a small one or an owner of a medium-large enterprise, it is recommended that you do no procrastinate anything that will eventually help you get paid. However, it is a strange fact that small business owners tend to hold off invoicing more compared to other tasks which could be down to those tasks being more urgent or more enjoyable even.

You keep procrastinating and schedule invoicing for tomorrow, and tomorrow becomes next week, and this goes on for a month until you see the status of your bank account and realize that you haven’t been paid at all.

Generally how you get paid is when you invoice your clients, and to do it hassle-free and do it more frequently, you need a proper invoice system in place that makes the process less painful or you can get rid of creating and sending invoice altogether.

Outsource Bookkeeping

When you outsource your bookkeeping two things happen. You don’t have to handle your day to day financial records of your company and second, you don’t have to create, send and follow up on your invoices that aren’t paid.

The abovementioned tasks are solely handled by the bookkeeper you have outsourced your financials to and along with these tasks, the bookkeeper can help you analyze whether you are charging enough for your services or not because bookkeepers are generally very good at having a good understanding of your business’s financials.

Getting paid would become very easy now that you have a bookkeeper who ensures that you get paid on time.

Make Life Easy with Xero Bookkeeping in London

Xero is online accounting software that helps small businesses grow and save time. And when your bookkeeper incorporates the cloud-based software with invoicing program, they make the task much easier and faster. Bookkeeping becomes organized because the software allows separate templates for each client which can be filled with necessary information. The invoices are sent two ways either as a link to an online invoice or as an attachment.

Xero Bookkeeping software allows you to keep the time in check when the invoice was sent and also see when the client has viewed it. This will not just make invoicing easier for you but also for your clients, who can pay you through the system as well.

Xero takes control of your invoices once these are sent out by sending constant reminders to clients on it own when payment is overdue. These reminders will be automatic and will make your life easier as you don’t have to track each invoice manually.

Final Thoughts

A Xero accountant can help you make things easier and bring in money much earlier with constant reminders sent to clients on due payments. You can also setup payment methods with a cloud-based system for frequent clients, and these services are provided by Accotax with Xero bookkeeping in London. Get in touch with us and find out how we can make life easier for you and help you grow as a business.