There is an understanding in the world today regarding business practices that they should be using state-of-the-art technology and also showing some traditional value in their operations. However, in this day and age, many accountancy firms are taking that leap to transform their traditional environment into a tech-savvy environment. This doesn’t mean that these firms are just hiring young and enthusiastic staff but integrating practices that take client and firm relationship to new heights and make these interesting for both parties.

Accountancy firms that are strategizing how to tackle this change are the ones that have a vision for the future and are now ready to introduce the Xero accountant. The mainstay of integrating technology into the accounting business is to make quick decisions using technology, and using Xero means that the accountancy firm is more credible and is more efficient since quick decision making is the key here.

Building Long Term Relationships with Clients

Many would argue that using the traditional way of doing business, especially in the client business, it is essential to practice those relationship techniques still to build a long-term relationship with the client. However, Xero can act as the glue that the new era needs to keep the client and accountant/advisor relationship more sustainable and long-term.

It helps when the Xero accountant is ready to sell the idea to a new client based on the perception that this is the right thing for them. The trust-building can go further when the accountant can show a 15 to 20 minutes demo of the software, and what it can do for their business because these days clients do not want the basic accounting service anymore, they want advice to go with it. And the trust-building factor is helped even more when they find out that Xero is compatible with any device.

Many Xero accountants in London use Xero to kick-off conversations by showing off management reports that show their business is performing and based on those reports which direction to take to keep succeeding. You can casually talk about how to increase sales and how to run your business in the most tax-efficient way, and the best part about all of this is that Xero helps you get to the point quicker and allows you to show numbers. This is where the conversation isn’t superficial anymore and helps the client to put more trust in the accountancy firm.

The Xero Accountant

The Xero accountant doesn’t drown himself or herself in paperwork, as the software itself automatically saves recurring invoices and emails it based on your custom template. As soon as the job is done, you can send your invoices from your phone.

Many other tasks like online payments, paying bills on time and managing tax and paying online can be done through Xero and saving you a ton of time.